China Point is a 30 acre unpatented mining claim located in Siskiyou County, California. The claim resides in the Klamath National Forest on the North Fork Salmon River, a river and a region highly noted for its gold. The claim resides in the final stretch of the river between Sawyers Bar and the Forks of Salmon. This specific stretch of river is a highly documented gold bearing region and boasts of historic gold production. It has been called by many “The richest little river in America” due to the incredible amount of gold which has been recovered in just this short stretch of river.

The mining claim has all the attributes needed to support a successful mining operation. These attributes have been tested over the years to ensure operation supportability. Access to the claim is gained off of Sawyers Bar Road, and a series of existing dirt roads transit the length of the claim along the river. Both 2wd and 4wd vehicles have accessed the claim over the years with no issues, and the network of roads and trails have been maintained annually with general maintenance.

The claim will be mined on a bearing bench where overburden has been measured to a depth of at least 14' without hitting bedrock. Values in the gravels remain consistant throughout the bench, and obvious traces of the ancient river bed and the once active channel are easily seen. The China Point Placer Mine will process bench gravels from the current day surface down to bedrock, and will then process the final few inches of material directly on bedrock.

The photos to the left and right are photos of gold recovered from China Point. Sizes range from -100 through large nuggets, and most of the gold is rounded but chunky. Additional photos of the gold found on the property are available.

The mining claim has been thoroughly tested every year since 2007, both in and out of water, and the results of such testing have been documented, with one year's testing being published in the ICMJ in multiple articles. These articles can be seen by accessing the ICMJ website.The excellent results of such testing confirm that the claim retains excellent values worthy of a small scale mining operation. The magazine cover on the left has a cover photo of the gold that was recovered on the mining claim. The magazine cover on the right shows a 5" dredge operating on the claim in 2007 by the current owner. Estimates on the expected total 5-year recovery have been made and will be provided with any serious inquiry.

The Plan of Operations (POO) for the China Point Placer Mine has been a work in progress since 2009 and is in the initial stages of being submitted to local, state, and federal agencies. The State Water Resources Control Board has been formally contacted, and the initial forms and permit applications have been submitted. The POO permitting process has commenced.

Available Ownership Rights:

20% ownership rights in the mining claim and the proceeds of the mining operation are being offered for sale so that the mining operation can move into the execution phase. The remaining 20% can be purchased in one block for $26,666.60.

If the remaining 20% is not secured by one owner (or group of owners) by September 20, 2012, that same 20% may be broken down into two blocks of 10% each, with each block being sold for $13,333.30. Each 10% owner will own 10% of the mining claim and 10% of all gold recovered during the life of the mining operations. This is not the desired outcome with the remaining 20% and may or may not be accepted by the Company.

Mining Operation Participation:

Union Mining Group LLC is managing and operating the mining operation. The owners of China Point are not participating in the mining operation and may not interfer with the recovery operations. Owners are more that welcome to prospect on the property in other locations. 2013 will consist of a 30-45 day block of testing equipment, procedures, and recovery equipment. Full scale mining commences in 2014.


Union Mining Group LLC will provide detailed monthly summary reports to all owners during the operating season. These reports will outline the status of the mining operation, provide monthly and cumulative gross/net, and also provide a breakdown of net proceeds by owner. Net proceeds will be distributed to the body of owners (in raw gold) at the end of the mining season, which is anticipated to be in mid September of each year. An example of this report can be provided.

All owners will receive a complete copy of the POO once it is approved. Monthly status reports will also be provided to the owners as the POO submission and approval process continues. Deeds will be immediately processed upon receipt of payment. All owners will receive fully executed Deeds upon recordation by Siskiyou County and the Bureau of Land Management. This process normally takes approximately 60 days.

Offer Timing:

This offer will expire on September 20, 2012. After this date, ownership of the claim and the operation will be finalized in the POO and with the County, and private funding will be secured in order to continue with the next phase.

China Point Placer Mine
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China Point Placer Mine
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